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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peace Rock Giveaway Contest

It's time for another giveaway contest, yipee! Please leave a comment on my blog and I will enter your name into a contest to win a Peace Rock and Peace Earrings. The contest ends on Wednesday August 19th. I will be picking a winner at random and post the peaceful winner on Thursday August 20th. Only the user name will be revealed and the winner will have to email me their address at It is all free and private and so much fun. Thanks for checking out my Peace Rocks blog and good luck. There is no way to Peace. Peace is the way. ~ AJ Muste


  1. Saudações de Lisboa-Portugal

  2. this is fantastic , I won your last giveaway so I know that I can't enter this one . I hope that it is ok to put it on my blog . the peace rock I won last time ,4 have been hidden .2 of the peace rocks are in Big Bear Mountain , 2 are in Las Vegas and in two weeks 2 will be near a museum in California .


  3. Awesome, thanks so much Rafael!!! Thank you also for spreading the Peace Rocks in your area. You Rock!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  4. hey, beautiful idea!
    thank you for this!

    i'm also having a little contest over at my place. would love to have ya!


  5. I would love to place some peace rocks! My kids really want to do that with me. Great flickr pictures too!



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