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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Peace Rock 1000

I am happy to say that I reached my goal of spreading 1000 Peace Rocks by the end of August. This weekend I painted Peace Rock 1000. I want to thank everyone who helped me spread the Peace Rocks. A special thanks goes to Kathleen Wellcome for her continued support in helping me spread the rocks. I love her enthusiasm and it always encourages me to keep on painting them. Also a special thank you to Andrew at Vassar who helped me pass my goal and I am now at Peace Rock 1054.
Each one has to find his Peace from within. And Peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances. ~ Mahatma Gandhi


  1. This calls for a celebration! You will be 'guest of honor' at our Sept. Tea. !! You are a Phenomenal Woman!

  2. Thanks Ellen!! I'm looking forward to it!! :-)

  3. My girlfriend and I happened across peace rock #905 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. It is a lovely red/gold and made us smile.

  4. Awesome!!! Thanks for letting me know, you Rock!!! :-)



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