Peace Rocks

☮ Spreading Peace One Rock at a Time! ☮

Saturday, December 31, 2011

☮ Happy New Year! ☮

҉҉ ´ ӇƛƤƤƳ ƝЄƜ ƳЄƛƦ ҉⁀↘♪♥.•*´¯`

Hope your 2012 is full of Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness!! Looking forward to a year of inner peace and spreading more Peace Rocks!! Yay!

2012 will be a defining year in your life. You will eith

er change or you won't. ~ Dane Cook

Sunday, December 25, 2011

☮ ☮ ☮ Happy Holidays ☮ ☮ ☮

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!
May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! ~Author Unknown

Friday, December 2, 2011

☮ Happy December ☮

☮ ☮ ☮ HAPPY DECEMBER! ☮ ☮ ☮ I am looking forward to spreading more Peace Rocks this month! I am currently up to Peace Rock #7,465. My goal is to have painted and spread 8,000 by the end of January! Happy Holidays to you!
"He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe."
- Marcus Aurelius


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