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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Grant us Peace

Hi! Happy Blog Blast For Peace Day!!! Dona Nobis Pacem means Grant Us Peace. I hope everyone has a very Peaceful Day!


  1. At one time in life I had hit 'rock' bottom, but rocks kept me in my direction. I would find many heart shaped rocks and it kept my love in line. Love your peace rocks.
    Peace man.

  2. Hi Bluezy,
    Thanks! Have a Peaceful day!! You Rock!!


  3. Nice rocks. Cool globe. Peace.

  4. Sasa, may all the peace you wish for, and send to, others return to you tefold.

  5. And a peaceful day to you too - today, and every day. Peace.

  6. My daughter has a thing for rocks, she collects them.. loves heart shaped ones in particular... I think these peace rocks of yours are fabulous. Might start making our won!

    Sharing the peace with you for Blog Blast for Peace ♥

  7. T☮H☮A☮N☮K☮Y☮O☮U☮!!

  8. Peace to you and yours. I love your peace rocks. I have a big one plunked down by my fence out front.........

  9. What a brilliant idea, I love it!! And how wonderful to be a person to find one...finding a little peace...yes, that is a beautiful and magical idea! You have inspired me to think to do something so simple, but that gives people pleasure - thank you!

    Wishing you peace and happiness x

  10. hi there! i was recently in a local coffee shop where i live in poughkeepsie ny called the krafted kup and found your peace rock. I immediately went to your website to check it out and love your idea! Keep doing what you do :) my rock is labeled 4568 and has a halloween design on it. __Peace

  11. You are inspiring m'dear. I love your peace rocks and the chain of peace they bring.

    Thank you for participating in BlogBlast For Peace.
    Your beautiful peace globe is #1881 in the Official Gallery at


  12. Bumbling... stumbling... onto your site by way of Annelisa's link to you on facebook. I see Mimi has been here as well. Good.

    I LOVE the idea of Peace Rocks! I hope I'm lucky enough to someday find one! Beautiful site!

  13. Hello Sasa, m'dear...Your peace post is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite



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