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Monday, May 10, 2010

Peace River Rocks

I've been painting a lot of the Peace rocks on river rocks. They have a great energy to them. Just recently I painted 80 Peace rocks for my nephew's teacher who is doing a Peace Sunday Brunch and Cruise on May 16th. It was fun painting the rocks for a purpose other than to spread around the area for people to find. The people on the peaceful cruise don't have to find their rock but it will be given to them. I hope the rock helps them to find their inner peace. Speaking of inner peace, I love this quote by Buddha. ☮
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." ~ Buddha


  1. LOVE that quote! the peace sunday brunch & cruise sounds like fun! i'm sure they loved all of your peace rocks too! ;) hugs!!

  2. Thanks, you rock!! hugs!! ☮

  3. 待人要誠心,做事要用心,勝負平常心。......................................................

  4. It was a beautiful day for peace and a boat ride!



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