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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Peace Rock Anniversary Giveaway Contest

Happy 1 year spreading Peace Rocks Anniversary for me. The year went by fast and it was so much fun spreading Peace Rocks.

It's time for another Giveaway Contest!! Yippee!! You have a chance to win a Peace Painting and your very own bag of Peace Rocks to spread the Peace. To enter the Contest, just leave a comment on my blog of which painting you like and your email address. I will randomly select a winner on Thursday April 8Th and post the winners name on Friday April 9Th.
If you tweet about this or follow my blog, I will give you a bonus and enter your name twice. Just let me know in the comments. If you are unsure of how to post a comment on the blog, then you can just email me at and I will enter your name that way. I will only be posting the winners name and painting. It is all free and just another way to have fun and spread Peace.
For contest choose Peace Painting #1 (small 2.75" x 2.75" green painting)
or Peace Painting # 2 (medium 9" x 12" pink and blue painting)
with your email address in the comments. ☮ Peace. ☮
Love and Peace are ete
rnal ~ John Lennon


  1. I love squares, so I would pick the awesome little square one. THey both have great energy!

  2. Wow! I would love the green one :) Am also now following your blog! Great work, Sasa... maybe see you at Everybody's Yoga sometime?
    Karen (

  3. 1 year! Congrats! I would love the pink and blue for my peace-full bedroom! Count me in!

  4. Hi Sasa, I love your peace rocks idea! Congrats on reaching 2,000! You are so cool for doing this. And so sweet. I'll always be on the lookout for one now. Do you put your blog link on the back? It would be kind of neat for the finders to let you know.

  5. Thanks Cinnamon-Girl!! Yep, I put the link on the back of the rock. I am working on a website where you can report which # you found and where you found it. Thanks for your support, you Rock! ☮

  6. Hey Alison -- thanks so much for the birth year rocks for our kids, I love them! Count me in for the green and blue peace painting on the easel - very nice. Looking forward to being a part of spreading the next 2000!

  7. Hello. I'm the happy recipient of 1909 sent to me by my smiliest friend, L. of What a lovely blog you have here. As for a for voting for a painting, has to be #2 -- PINK!! : ) Excuse me while I troll around and visit your blog and discover how to get peace rocks to share with friends and strangers.

  8. Thanks! 1909 is a cool number! I will have some information this week on how to get your own Peace Rocks to spread. Thanks for the comment, you Rock! ☮

  9. thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄..................................................



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