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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peace Rock 1900

Well, I painted over 1900 Peace Rocks so far! I reset my goal and will reach the 2000 mark by the end of March. Then I am going to have a giveaway where some lucky winner can have Peace rock # 2000 and a bag of Peace rocks to spread in their area.

Only when you have made Peace within yourself will you be able to make peace in the world." ~ Rabbi Simcha Bunim


  1. Wow! going to hit 2000! I remember when you had done 10! This is a wonderful project and so far reaching! Those rocks look flourescant!Pretty! You Rock!

  2. I'm loving the colors you've been using!

    Congratulations on 1900!!!

    Your peace rocks are so cool looking, I would have a hard time parting with them!

  3. Thanks gals,you guys Rock!! I'm gearing up for a huge Peace rock spreading, so I got your bags of Peace rocks ready for ya. ☮ ♥

  4. I'm dropping in from Diane Duda's blog, and I LOVE your peace rock project! What a wonderful way to spread happiness.

  5. Number 1937 here!

    Thank you for the peace...Bread Alone, Rhinebeck NY. we say BREAK BREAD, MAKE PEACE :)



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